SynGlyphX Technology Partners Help People to Discover Insights That Change Their World



The SynGlyphX Technology Partner Program is designed to help SynGlyphX partners and partner customers to access, use and act on complex data.


Featured SynGlyphX Partners

SynGlyphX Resellers

SynGlyphX Resellers act as channel partners and sell SynGlyphX software licenses and services in addition to their own products and services.

Reseller Partners provide added value to their customers through SynGlyphX's insight discovery software

  • Offer your customers an innovative and compelling solution to visualize and act on their data more fully and faster than ever before

  • Add recurring revenue streams while providing added value to your customers

SynGlyphX Technology/Implementation Partners

SynGlyphX Technology/Implementation Partners capture recurring revenue while delivering consulting and professional services around a SynGlyphX product sale. Technology and Implementation Partners participate in the on-going work with customers that build high value long term relationships. SynGlyphX works with Technology and Implementation Partners to prepare and support them throughout customer engagements.

  • Configure 3D Interactive visualizations that help customers to discover insights hidden in their data

  • Integrate with existing IT architecture

  • Solve customer needs regarding data analysis and communication of insights

SynGlyphX OEM Partners

SynGlyphX OEM Partners integrate SynGlyphX software into their own application to deliver SynGlyphX’s innovative data visualization technology coupled with their application.

  • Offer your customers an innovative and compelling 3D, interactive, solution to insight discovery

  • Differentiate your software with compelling and intuitive visualizations that expedite data analysis and comprehension

  • Capture recurring revenue while providing added value for your customers