The Best Way To Analyze Data



1. This is fraud

How do we know?

In November, an athletic apparel company promoted a direct to consumer online shoe sale.

The sale was a one day flash sale that offered certain shoes at prices generally lower than those advertised in brick and mortar stores.

Looking across the map of the northeastern United States, you cannot ignore the stack of blue glyphs.

In nearly any case, this anomaly begs for analysis.

What happened there?

Why is that stack so different than anywhere else on the map?


2. Knowing Your Data

The glyphs, geospatially located on the map, represent sales data for the day of the online flash sale.

The blue ring represents the clothing type, in this case, shoes.

Each of the other elements of the glyph represent size, gender, total sales, and material type.

The placement of the glyph on the map tells us where in the northeast U.S. orders were placed.


3. Transforming Data to Information

Theoretically, all sales on this November date should have been to a single household, where 1 - 5 pair of shoes should suffice.

The blue stack of glyphs, however, shows odd buying behavior.

Why would an individual or family purchase far more than 5 pair of shoes of varying sizes and colors?

Is this something to explore? Is there an error in our data? Or is something else afoot?


4. speed to insight

Within moments of scanning this online sales data, data scientists, technical, non-technical, business, and novice users alike can easily see that something strange happened on that November day.

Following an analysis of the data itself to ensure quality, these data owners looked into buyers and buyer records.

Within only a few hours of seeing the data in SynGlyphX, these data owners identified a small store that had taken advantage of the online sale; purchasing shoes at the lower rate to then re-sell to customers at a mark up price in the following weeks.


5. taking action

SynGlyphX transforms data into easily understood visual chunks that enable teams to quickly analyze and act on vast amounts of data. Used by medical researchers to find life-saving insights, military analysts to assess and act on needs in the theater, business teams to better understand marketing, sales, and supply chain success, and schools to ensure the long term success of their students, SynGlyphX provides the tools that help people to change their worlds.